Q: How long will it take for my project to be completed?

A: The timescale of a project is generally determined by the client. If you have a specific deadline, we will endeavour to hit it for you. However, you need to ensure timeliness in responding to our requests for specific information (images, content, etc.).


Q: What do I get for my money?

A: A quality product that fulfils your project objectives. And a long-term partner.


Q: I would like you to design my site. What’s the process?

A: Firstly, we personally speak to all of our prospective clients, irrespective of the size of project to be undertaken. We pride ourselves on our personal service. We need to ascertain the scope of the project and the type of site you want, and we use a creative brief to establish specific client requirements.


Q: What happens when I complete your contact form?

A: One of our friendly staff will contact you, and ascertain the scope of the project. Many projects can be completed via email and telephone calls, but larger projects could necessitate a face-to-face meeting.


Q: Do I need to buy a domain name and hosting?

A: It’s totally up to you. We can register a domain for you at cost, or work with your existing one. We also provide a range of hosting solutions. The price of which- the lowest being free- is dependant on size. We can also direct you to some alternatives depending on your business requirements.


Q: Who owns the intellectual property rights?

A: You will. It’s your business, so we give you ownership to all of the artwork at the end of the project.


Q: How much will my project cost?

A: Again, this depends on the scope of the project. We will inform you of the total cost before the project commences. We will hold this price, unless the scope of the project changes. We realise that many customers want to ascertain the price for market comparison purposes, so our website features the pricing of some of our most common client requests.


Q: What after-sales support do you offer?

A: We see you as a long-term partner, so we won’t forget about you once we’ve completed your project. Any slight tweaks or amendments to the site are carried out free of charge in the first month.


Q: What are your payment terms?

A: We request a 50% deposit for all projects. The balance of payment is then due on completion of the project./p>


Q: What is search engine optimisation (SEO)?

A: Optimisation is a marketing process which improves your search engine ranking, boosting you higher up the search results. It revolves around the Meta tags (or keywords) on your web pages. A web page that isn't optimised won't appear in the search engines to any great degree.

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