TGM Solutions

TGM Solutions

Top Gear Media aim to provide you with optimised, high quality solutions without the need to outsource to expensive freelancers. Our team of specialist designers, developers, marketers and account managers will ensure that any product commissioned from us is of the highest standard.

Here, we believe that there is a solution for virtually every business problem- no matter how small or large. We aim to implement solutions to not only meet your business objectives, but to exceed them.


Website Design

Your organisation's brand identity is what differentiates it from the competition. What you are selling, what you stand for, what your customer expects... all of these factors, and many more, determine your chosen brand identity. Get it wrong, and your business will suffer.

We provide an extensive design service from fulfilling stationery requirements through to complete brand design and redesign.

Any output is only as good as the inputs. So we will work closely with you to determine exactly what you are looking for, and how to best achieve those objectives.

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Web Development

There are various types of Websites, the most common being:

  • - Online brochure designs used by companies to showcase their products and services as an information source for customers and business partners.
  • - E-commerce sites selling products and services directly from the website.
  • - Website designs that generate leads.
  • - Content website designs containing information in the form of forums, blog entries and articles.

Without specialist knowledge, choosing the right development tool can be a potential minefield. At TGM, we are aware of the latest web technologies and can advise you the best option for your business, whilst always maintaining the highest web standards.

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Search Engine Optimization Marketing

The internet has irrevocably changed the way UK companies do business. It has created a global marketplace, allowing business opportunities on a worldwide scale, which they wouldn’t have had access to before. It is now possible to build up a huge customer base with very low cost.

We often ask ourselves why so many companies go through the effort and expense of designing their website, and then not use it as their most effective selling and marketing tool? We will ensure we get your company message out there as effectively and cheaply as your budget allows. We don’t believe in blanket marketing, we specifically target customers relevant to you to increase awareness, sales, and reputation.

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