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ZZ Media Ltd (ZZM) is an integral part of Top Gear Media Ltd (TGM), an exciting UK web development company. TGM has been established for over six years, with many international clients operating in several diverse industries. Project management is undertaken in the UK, while the development, design and marketing is performed in Karachi.

ZZM has been operating autonomously in Karachi, Pakistan since July 2011. The hand-picked team are all specialists within their own fields, and liaise very closely with the project managers based in the UK. Having our management team based in the UK means we are closer to our clients, meaning the quality of work is always to the highest standards.

ZZM enjoyed a very successful inception, and we have since expanded operations. We have an excellent commercial office in the prestigious Parsa Towers building on the main Shah-re-Faisal Road, and we are looking to add to our exciting young team.

Saqib Ali Khan
Nickname: Saqib
Title: Head of Development

Saqib Ali Khan is an innovative and experienced web developer with extensive experience of more than 4 years, he joined ZZ Media in 15th October 2012 . Saqib has worked in many industries, so is highly adaptive to new ideas as well as being abreast of the latest technologies. Saqib is highly skilled in Project Management, Application Development, CMS (Content Management Systems) using Open-source Platforms (Magento, Wordpress, OpenCart etc..). He is particularly interested in client/server applications, and relational database design.

Saqib is an expert in PHP, Magento, Wordpress, HTML/CSS, JQuery, Java Scripting, Facebook Applications, and is a Fan Pages specialist.

Skills / Expertise:
HTML 5, CSS3, Jquery , AJAX, PHP OOP, MsSQL ,Open-source, JavaScript, Wordpress , Magento , Magento Entension development facebook Applications, and is a Fan Pages specialist.
Rashid Sharif
Nickname: Super R
Title: Head of Design

Rashid Sharif is a professional graphic and web designer with over 5 years of creative experience.He joined ZZMedia in August 2011 to head up the Design function.

Super R, as a professional graphic and web designer, takes pride in creating streamlined, outstanding website designs that are user-friendly and browser compatible. With super vision and creative ideas, our Super R creates the soul of a project with his unique web designs that play such a vital role in the field of brand identity and marketing.

Super R is heavily involved in developing graphic design that effectively communicates the ideas being promoted by the Web site. Rashid takes part in the initial planning of a Website, liaising with the clients to discuss ideas for the layout, and organising the site structure. Rashid is also an expert in UI Design and Print Media. He is managing the creative team for the campaigns of numerous top brand advertisers.

Skills / Expertise:
Photoshop, Image Ready, Fireworks, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver, Microsoft Expression, capable of hand coding HTML, DIV and CSS.
Syed Haris
Nickname: Haris
Title: Head of SEO

Haris started his career in search engine optimisation in 2004 with a technology company Teleware Technologies. Joining ZZ Media in 2013, Haris became a senior team member, working in the capacity of Senior SEO and website marketing supervisor which included responsibilities such as executing and overseeing SEO campaigns, strategy building and management. Haris oversees and manages all aspects of organic SEO across all major search engines, creates external links for multiple websites through effective link exchange, blogs, social network sites, article submission and directory submission. He also is responsible for conducting website industry research, keyword research and competitive analysis PPC Advertising.

M Noman Iqbal
Nickname: Nomi
Title: Senior Web Developer

Muhammad Noman Iqbal, an innovative web developer, has more than 5 years of experience in web technology. Noman has worked on all types of web development technologies including html, PHP, ASP, APIs , Framework, CSS, Ajax, JQuery and Java scripting. He is proficient in CMS ( Wordpress, OpenCart etc.), and especially Magento - an eCommerce software platform that will sweep the globe over the next 2-3 years.

His professionalism keeps him up to date with the latest technologies, making him invaluable to the needs of our clients.

Muhammad Rao
Nickname: Muhammad
Title:Senior Web Developer

Muhammad Rao is a Senior Web Developer with more than 5 years of experience in web development. Muhammad has worked on many web development technologies, including HTML, XHTML, HTML 5, AJAX, PHP, Open-source, JavaScript, Extjs, CSS, Div Based Layouting, MYSQL, MS-SQL Server, .htaccess, Image Manipulation, and Native Mobile Apps Development.

Muhammad was recruited by ZZ Media as he is considered to be an expert in PHP, JQuery, HTML, HTML5, CSS, Json, XML, Wordpress, Facebook Application, Social Medai Api, OOP, MVC, AJAX, RSS Feed, Google Map Api, MYSql.

Mansoor Ali
Nickname: Mansi
Title: Senior Designer

Mansoor Ali has completed his Masters in Multimedia Arts from N.C.A., Lahore in 2012. During his studies, Mansoor worked with the Game Design Industry (2011 - 2012) in Lahore and gained very good experience.

Mansoor can create designs in multi-dimensional qualities which can work on different platforms at the same time. Mansoor very good skills in Storyboarding, Graphic Designing, Videography, Compositing (Image/Video), Photography, 2D-Animation. Mansoor can work easily with many different softwares including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premier, Flash, and 3Ds

Aftab Siddiqui
Nickname: Aftab Bhai
Title: SEO Consultant

Aftab Siddiqui is one of the leading online marketing experts in Pakistan. He specialises in Search Engine Marketing, PPC advertising and eMarketing consultancy. With over 20 years experience in the field of online marketing and search engine optimisation, Aftab has worked with many prestigious international companies.

His mantra is to under promise and over deliver - a refreshing change in the little understood field of SEO. His specialities include Search Engine Optimisation, Keyword Research and Analysis, PPC Advertising, SEO strategy building and SEO Management.

Irfan Khan
Nickname: Irfan
Title: Senior SEO

Muhammad Irfan Ullah – SEO Expert, started his career in search engine optimization from Teleware Technologies in 2006. He has also worked as a Senior SEO Executive in leading B2B Portal, Tradekey. Now joined ZZ Media in 2014, he is working as a SEO Lead in this company; he is performing complete On Page Optimization: Keywords Analysis, Meta Tags Creation, Content Management and OffPage Optimizations: External Link Building (Complete), Brand name promotions. He knows social media as well and Irfan is a quick learner and want to learn new things coming in SEO industry.

Rameez Masood
Nickname: Raja
Title: Mid Level Developer

Rameez Masood is a very talented young developer, who is consistently and rapidly increasing his technical skills. Rameez started at ZZM in February 2013, and worked on HTML and HTML5, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, JQUERY, JASON, AJAX, PHP, MYSQL, OOP, CMS and Facebook API - as well as other applications too.

We see a very promising future for Rameez, as he continues to increase his range of skills.

Maisum Patel
Nickname: Messi
Title: Mid SEO

Maisum worked with Software House dealing in IT as a Strategic Internet Marketing Expert, SEO Specialist & Online Brand Analyst. He started his journey while he was in college as an intern. He has a demonstrable track record of building strong online branding plus over four years working experience. As well as regional marketing projects, he has also done many on an international scale. His specialities are Competitor Research Analysis, Keyword Competition Analysis, Strategy building and SEO Management.

Shahid Jameel
Nickname: Shahid
Title: Mid SEO

SHAHID JAMIL - Search Engine Optimizer (SEO) and Social media Marketing expert with digital strategy experience to facilitate implementations of SEO, Pay-Per-Click (PPC), link acquisition, link building, online advertising, and social media campaigns. Search Engine Optimization Specialist, works on the principle of satisfying search engine algorithms For making Websites "friendlier" for search engines such as Google to list in their index On the Basis of keyword ion and testing, adding links in keywords, adding links from high ranking Websites, and linking different keywords for the same site. Website ranking is increased by adding various tags, such as Title tags, Meta tags, Alt tags, and H1 tags in your Website. Moreover, keyword density and linking is improved.

Muhammad Arif Sharif
Nickname: Super A
Title: Junior Developer

Muhammad Arif Sharif, an ingenious Junior Web Developer, has more than 2 years of experience in web technology. Arif has worked on web development technologies including html, PHP, CSS, JQuery and java scripting.He is proficient in CMS (Wordpress, OpenCart etc.).He honed his skills as a Developer always hungry for more information, and a thirst to know how things work.

Ammar Khan
Nickname: McTAVISH
Title: Junior Developer

Muhammad Ammar Khan a groundbreaking software engineer who has completed his graduation from Sir Syed University of engineering and technology as a computer engineer.He has over 2 years of experience as dedicated and versatile web developer. Ammar Khan is very talented and creative in the field of web development, and his speciality liesin developing smart phone applications.

Ammar is an expert in PHP, HTML, CSS, HTML5, CCS3, ajax, javascript, Jquery, Yii, CI, Zend, Megento, Opencart, Android (NATIVE AND PHONEGAP), java, C#, SQLite, MySQL, Oracle, Adobe Photoshop, Flash, InDesign, Dreamviewer, 3dsMax, xara3d, Unity3d, CryEngine 3.0 and Sound Forge.

Nida Ruth
Nickname: Nida
Title: Content Writer

Nida Ruth is a Graduate and experienced content writer who has the ability of providing unique and relevant content for websites keeping the different nature of businesses in view. The content produced translates into higher revenues for online businesses.

Nida is specialized in writing quality content with all the modern tactics of content writing that attracts people and converts visitors into customers.Whether it is promotion of a business or providing information, everything is done fulfilling all the requirements of latest content writing and catering to distinctive needs and wishes of the customers.